Wickel Tire Pros Project Finished!

Another Great Construction Projected Finished By The Experts At Gary Jones Construction

Have you had a chance to check out the new Wickel Tire Pros building in Burley? We're excited to have completed the project. 

And what a project it was. Transforming the old Stokes building into a high tech, state of the art automotive service center was quite the challenge. Yet, when you look at the building now, you can hardly believe it used to be a grocery store! 

Wickel Tire Pros held their grand opening back in September, not letting Covid stop them from taking advantage of their new building. 

The new building was designed to offer services to all types of customers, including semi-trucks. And their huge parking lot means there is plenty of space for everyone. 

We're very proud of this project, from the initial design to the final construction, this is yet another example of quality Gary Jones Construction handiwork.