Gary Jones Construction | Commercial

Christiansen Implement | Burley, Idaho

Total Size:     26,056 square feet
Duration:       14 months
Information:   This Design/Build project features an 11,000 square foot shop area with a    10-ton mobile crane, a showroom, offices, conference room, and storage areas. 
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Burley Dairy Queen

Total Size:       Exterior Remodel
Duration:          2.5 months
Information:     Included demo and installation of a new standing-seam roof, stucco and stone, paint, and the installation of the new drive-thru.  This facelift brought an updated modern look to this classic eating destination.
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Declo City Hall | Fire Station

Total Size:       5,274 square feet
Duration:         6 months
Information:    This building serves as both the Declo City Offices and the Fire Station.  With a spacious conference room, this facility will serve as the location for city council meetings as well as fire fighter training.
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Snake River Bowl | Burley, Idaho

Total Size:     27,200 square feet
Duration:        7 months
Information:   This twenty-eight lane bowling alley has been the site for numerous State Bowling Tournaments.
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Outback Storage

Total Size:        17,000 square feet
Duration:           4 months
Information:     Outback Storage is a 100 unit storage facility with varying sizes of storage units.
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