Gary Jones Construction | Agricultural-Industrial

Valley Agronomics Fertilizer Building

Total Size:     35,000 square feet
Duration:       10 months
Information:   Standing sixty six feet in the air, this building has the capacity to store 19,000 tons of fertilizer making it the largest of its kind in the region. Construction materials included 4,000 yards of concrete and 523,000 pounds of rebar. 
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Key Ag

Total Size:     29,250 square feet
Duration:       13 months
Information:   This building includes offices and warehouse space for the production and storage of fermentation and micronutrient products for both forage and livestock. 
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Potato Storages

Total Size:     17,580 to 51,800 square feet
Duration:       1-3 months
Information:   Over the past 35 years, we have built over 100 potato storages. With the ability to store anywhere from 100,000 to 308,000 sacks of potatoes, our design provides the best solution for seasonal storage. 
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