Gary Jones Construction | Design/Build

Christiansen Implement | Burley, Idaho

Total Size:     26,056 square feet
Duration:       14 months
Information:   This Design/Build project features an 11,000 square foot shop area with a  10-ton mobile crane, a showroom, offices, conference room, and storage areas. 
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Freeway Tire Service | Heyburn, Idaho

Total Size:         5,150 square feet
Duration:           5 months
Information:      This Design/Build project was drafted in-house.  Incorporated are a 1,200 square foot warehouse and a 450 square foot living area.
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Franklin Building Supply

Total Size:      10,530 square feet
Duration:         3 months
Information:    This Design/Build project was designed to store and protect building materials that had previously been stored in the open.  This project was designed to withstand the wind gusts which can reach high velocities. 
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