Construction and the Coronavirus

What has changed with construction in this current health crisis

It is crazy how much can change in a weeks time.  Last week, we were business as usual, but now, we all have the Coronavirus on our mind.

So what has changed with how we do business?

-Our safety meeting this week was on the Coronavirus.  We emphasized the importance of washing hands and stressed to the employees, if they show any symptoms of illness, to stay at home.

-We are spread out with smaller crews, doing our best at social distancing.

-Building departments have scaled back, many have informed us that they will be closing the doors and only working from home or remotely.  It will be interesting to see how inspections are handled.

-Most of our customers are remaining optimistic.  Some are seeing that interest rates will be at an all time low and are deciding to move forward with projects that were previously on hold.

Stay save out there everyone and remember to wash your hands.